Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pre-Con summary

With my target only two days away, I've decided to take stock. What does the end result look like? And was it all that I hoped for?

When I started out on this quest, my aim had been simple: a decent enough costume that would represent the level of work I'd put into it. And something that vaguely looked Shepardy.

My goal

So how does the end result compare? Well... judge for yourself.

The front (obviously)

The back (even more obviously)

Overall I'm delighted with the appearance of the costume. It looks the business, and has enough scuffs, marks of wear and tear and natty features (including the see-through stabby omni-tool to really make it pop. I'm also delighted with my fudging around the collar, as putting on the costume makes it very clear that it would have caused all kinds of issues. There's a few areas that could be improved (note the yellow streaks on the leggings) and the pistol looks a little weedy, but that's largely because I'm 6'5". Guns look small when I hold them.

But Operation Mass Effect wasn't just the costume. It was a whole ethos and weight loss and fitness was central to that. How did I succeed? Well, I managed to hit 3 mile runs, three times a week, before an ankle injury knocked me off my schedule and sidelined me. I still haven't started running again due to the pain.

Diet didn't go perfectly, either. After two months of dieting I'd dropped 2 1/2 stone, but a combination of lack of exercise in the final weeks, plus a collapse into old habits (curse you Dr Pepper and pizza) put me back a couple of pounds. I'm now hovering at the 2 stone lost mark; still an achievement, but something I really need to fix.

After the Con, I'm going to restart the fitness and diet. How I'm going to motivate myself I'm not sure, but I'll find another project to fixate on.

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