Saturday, 2 August 2014

Chest bump

It took a whole week to finish painting the chest as I wanted; the N7 logo was particularly difficult to spray on because of the curvature of the pieces. I also had to use almost an entire pack of glue sticks just to make sure all the foam would anchor; in particular the two under-arm pieces, which were essential if the structure was going to bend.

The chest piece.
A further morning was taken up sewing on the Velcro strips. One of the problems was that the seam of the undershirt ran exactly where I needed the strips to secure, meaning that I had to put one of the strips on at a jaunty angle. Another key issue was forcing the needle through the Velcro strips. The spandex didn't prove a challenge, but the pads were basically a layer of thick glue, and it required fingers in thimbles to get the power needed to drive the stitch.

An additional problem, that I hadn't really considered, was that the needle started to pick up the glue. This meant that after a few stitches the needle needed to be scraped to make sure it was clean and serviceable.

Once clean, it was time for a test fitting. Everything was a little awkward to put together (and tended to make an 'eeek-eeek' noise of foam rubbing together). However, it looked, frankly, awesome.

With only the back piece to do, I contemplated any last minute adjustments. I still had four weeks to go, so I had time if I needed to make a change. However, the only significant thing that came to mind was removing Shepard's neck armour. There was too much going on around the shoulder joints, both for the pauldrons and the chest piece, to risk damaging the integrity of the suit by building a neck brace. This would also give me greater movement at the Con, and lack of Mass Effect 3 authenticity was a price I was willing to pay for a little comfort.

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