Monday, 23 June 2014

Thigh master

The next step was to build my thigh pieces. This turned out to be more difficult than, initially, it appeared. I'm a bit of a thunder-thighs, despite the most intensive exercise regimen I've ever had. This meant each thigh plate was about the size of a shield.

I'm not kidding: the template took up virtually an entire tumbler mat for each thigh.

Fortunately, a hearty application with the heat gun soon warmed them, allowing me to bend them in to shape and spray them grey. 

Behold the mehness.
This was quickly followed by attaching some thinner black foam (bought online from Amazon for £9.99 or $17) to make pads for my arse, and adding some black 'straps' - with painted buckles - so the pads didn't just look like an endless mass of grey nothingness. Although the design for Shep shows the pads have grooves on them, I decided against this; it would require some delicate layering, and I could easily get the size wrong due to the curvature of the pads.

The end result looked a little..meh.

I'll confess: I'm not that happy with them. They look nothing like Shep's pads, and lack any really interesting features. I'm still debating whether to add some augumentations, particularly around the top of the hip, to make it more Shepardy.

And on the inside...
After painting, I added some elastic cord to the pads, glue-gunning it in place to make the foam bend in to shape. This created a natural space for my leg to slip through, and made the pads relatively comfortable to wear.

The only problem was that they wouldn't stay on.

Tragically, I have a slack bottom. Without something to bind the pads tight against my thighs the pads would drift, and, worse, slip down from my waist. It seemed impractical to strap them tightly, so instead I decided to find some way to physically hook the pads to my belt, thus preventing them from drifting about.

I'm still working on that hook plan - if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.

Ultimately, despite being the largest pieces I've created, the thigh pads are also probably the biggest disappointment. But I'm determined to have a second attempt at them once the rest of the costume is under weigh.


  1. It depends on how you are going to do the overall lower body. If you are doing this in regards to a full leggings, thigh attached to knee attached to shin, like catcher's leggings, it might look better. If you are doing the full armor you will also have to consider the back of the leg armor and the pants you might be strapping them onto and/or leggins you will be crafting them onto. Bits and pieces might not look as well as the combined effect.

  2. I'm going to be using cargo pants, with modified wellington boots to make up the lower armour. It's perhaps a bit of a shortcut, but I think it's the best way as I need to ensure durability; I'm going to be wearing this for 6+ hours straight.

  3. You may want to consider then getting a pair of cargo pants and do something like bolt the pieces into and through the cargo pants. The same might be able to be done with the undershirt for the arm/chest pieces.