Saturday, 5 July 2014

More shoulder pads than Dynasty

The next phase of Operation Mass Effect was the shoulder armour - or pauldrons if you want to use the correct term. These proved quite a challenge.

Not underpants
The first difficulty was measuring the correct size. The templates weren't very clear, and it was hard to accurately gauge the size of my shoulders in relation to the water wings bicep pads. The resulting template just looked too big, and, more to the point, not very Commander Shepard. Ultimately I was looking at a Shepard from Mass Effect 3, and needed pads that had some weight, but weren't the size of an Ultramarine.

In the end, I merged the templates. This gave the correct curvature, and also adopted a significantly smaller pauldron size than the creator envisaged. However, it felt right.

The two pieces hinged together with duct tape

From here it was a simple matter of cutting out, heat-gunning to get the right shape, and adding a smaller piece underneath to anchor it to my shoulder. I ended up joining the two together with duct tape, which seems to create an effective joint, although it might require strengthening with glue-gunned elastic in the future.

On a trial fit, I noticed one problem; the joint didn't flex with my arm, but rather drooped into position. This was actually all right, as the position mimicked my reference photos near-perfectly. However, I thought it would be cool for the joint to shift with my arm, so I joined the pads to the water wings bicep pads with a ladder buckle. 

I was pretty pleased with how these turned out, and ready to move on to my next major section: the boots and shins.

In need of a little paint touch up, but good to go

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