Sunday, 6 July 2014

Left arm test

I decided the best thing to do would be to test if all the pieces work together. I was never going to have full arm movement wearing armour, but I needed to at least be able to function for the duration of the con.

I found it virtually impossible to anchor the armour in place with a glue gun and strap. Instead, I decided to drive a pin through my undershirt, and see if I could hold it in place that way. It turned out to be a highly effective strategy, which kept the shoulder in the exact position I wanted. This will need refinement before the con, as you can't have spikes sticking out of your shoulder (not Shep's style). I think it might boil down to glue-gunning the shoulder pads to the under-shirt.

The work in progress, though, looked good. A little tight around the elbow, but that can be fixed with a few small tweaks. And remember, because the photo is being taken in a mirror, this is actually my *left* arm, so is missing the signature Shep N7 stripe.

Fit test

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